360/430 Focal 5.25″ Component System

360/430 Focal 5.25″ Component System

$1,299.00 $999.00

KX2 Series 5 1/4″ Midrange and Tweeter kit for 360 and 430. Requires absolutely no cutting or drilling whatsoever. You simply remove the existing midrange speaker, use the same three screws to bolt the stainless steel, tig welded adapter plate (included) onto the door card, then bolt the new midrange to the adapter plate.

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Scuderia Audio presents the high end KX2 Series 5 1/4" midrange and tweeter component systems for your Modena, 360 spider, 430 coupe, 430 spider, Scuderia, Challenge Stradale and 16M. Comes complete with stainless laser cut and tig welded adapter plates and custom fitted speaker grills for 360 (no grills needed for the 430). Absolutely no cutting or drilling or any modifications required.


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