360/430 Super System...

360/430 Super System...

$2,999.00 $2,499.00

400 Watt OEM Super Hi-Fi Upgrade System for 430 Coupe, Scuderia, Modena and Challenge Stradale.

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Would you like better sound than your OEM Hi-Fi system but want to keep your original subwoofer box and amplifier cradle? Then this is definitely the system for you!
Scuderia Audio has designed and manufactured an amplifier with the same size and connecting plug as the OEM 60 Watt ASK booster. The difference is that we have mounted two high end Mosconi 200 Watt amplifiers inside of the case. You simply unplug your 60 Watt booster, remove it from the cradle, bolt in the new 400 Watt amplifier and plug it in! It couldn't be easier.
Additionally, we offer two Focal Utopia Be, true 5" subwoofers, each with 150 Watts of power handling capacity, speaker grills and stainless steel adapter plates that allow you to install in place of the single paper 5 1/4" speaker and passive radiator.

In 10 minutes you can go from a cheap, 60 Watt system with no bass to a high end, 400 Watt sound system with dual subwoofers!


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