360 Audison 6 1/2″ Plug & Play System

360 Audison 6 1/2″ Plug & Play System

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Audison Prima Series 6 1/2″ Component Speaker System for Modena, 360 Spider.

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Scuderia Audio presents a high end midrange and tweeter component system for your Modena or 360 spider.
This Plug & Play system utilizes high end Audison Prima drivers and has the following features over other 6 1/2" component systems:

1. No need to cut or modify the doors.
2. No need to remove the door panel.
3. No need to install a passive crossover box.

Just remove the large gray trim piece, remove the OEM speaker, hook up the speaker wires to the new speaker, bolt onto the door panel, install the new OEM looking grill, then bolt the gray trim piece back on.
The tweeters come with a high pass filter already integrated into the 3D printed hyper directional tweeter pods. Just remove your stock tweeter triangles, save them for when you sell the car, then install the new triangles.
Enjoy better sound, more mid bass, better imaging!


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