80% Plug and Play Stealth DSP Amplifier Package

80% Plug and Play Stealth DSP Amplifier Package

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Stealth Amplifier and Harness Kit for 458 Lo-Fi and F8 Lo-Fi cars.

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Until now, all late model, mid engine Ferraris had no choice but to install an aftermarket amplifier either in the front trunk or in the cabin. Cabin installations use up precious space, and trunk installs require disassembling the entire trunk area, long cable runs through the firewall and under the car, etc. This kit allows you to install a high end Mosconi DSP amplifier right above the battery, 6 inches from the InfoTainment box and 4 inches from the battery. Installation couldn't be easier.
The amplifier delivers 100 watts per channel to the midrange and tweeters, and 280 watts to the subwoofer, perfect for your high-end system. This amplifier has a built-in digital signal processor so you can tune your sounds to perfection.
The amplifier bracket is AutoCAD designed and laser cut from 304 stainless steel with PEM fasteners to mount the amp.
Includes amplifier, amplifier shelf, mounting hardware and all wiring harnesses needed for a simple, complete and fast installation.


80% Plug and Play = You must attach the power cable to the battery and the ground cable to the ground post for these Lo-Fi models.


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