Return Policy

My products carry a 30 day return policy against any cosmetic or functional defects. If something is actually wrong with one of my products, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Due to customers purchasing my products, letting them sit in a box for several months, then returning them simply because they have changed their minds, I cannot allow items to be returned after 30 days. I have lost way too much money doing this.

Items will not be considered for a refund if your car audio installer claims that my products are junk and that the products that they just happen to sell are fantastic. There needs to be something physically wrong with my products to be considered for a refund. Again, I have lost way too much money from car stereo shops trying to upsell my customers.

Any item returned that has been upholstered will result in a $300 restocking fee as that's how much money I need to pay to get the leather removed and the item reupholstered.

Please be accommodating regarding this policy as I really want to keep this business going.
Thank you.