458 Trunk Organizer...

458 Trunk Organizer...


458 Amplifier/Storage System.



The Italia, 458 Spider and Speciale have no room under the dash to install an amplifier like the 360 and 430 models. We have designed an ultra sturdy, innovative system that mounts to the floor of the trunk to house a high end car audio amplifier in one section, and whatever else you may need to store in the other section. CNC Machined out of High Density Polyethylene with an unbreakable Polycarbonate top covered in Suede or Alcantara, this is the perfect solution to complete your high end stereo system, or simply to increase available storage space. Choose from the ultra heavy duty (but also heavy weight, 18 pounds) or ultra light weight (made of Closed Cell PVC, 5 pounds) models with the amplifier section near the front or the rear of the car. Front facing amplifier version shown.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Base Material

HDPE (Ultra Strong but Heavy), Closed Cell PVC (Ultra Lightweight)


Sueue, Alcantara

Important Ordering Information

Please specify whether you want the amplifier section to be near the front of the car or toward the rear of the car. No difference in price. The pictures shown are of the amplifier section toward the front of the car.